HowTo: Combine vCard/ *.vcf files to a single vCard / *.vcf file

A step by step tutorial about how to combine multiple vCard / *.vcf files into one single vCard / *.vcf file in order to upload all your contacts at once for example into your Google Contacts, in case you encountered for example the following situation:

You changed you old phone with a Android Phone and your contacts are not saved on your SIM Card or you have to many and can’t upload all of them on your SIM. All you have to do is to create a Back Up of your contacts on your (old) phone on the memory card (i.e.: microSD), save them in a Folder on your PC and then follow the steps described in the video or below. The “all.vcf” has to be uploaded in your Google Account associated with your new phone and then Synchronize your Contact list from your phone with your Google Contacts.


GIF Steps to combine multiple vCard / *.vcf files into one single vCard / *.vcf file

If your files are copied in a folder called MyContacts on E partition/drive, then you have to write in Command Prompt (known as cmd):

cd MyContacts
copy *.vcf all.vcf

In case your folder is located within another folder, etc. (e.g. located on drive E, Folder1 then Folder2) then for every folder you have to go  through, you have to write

cd Folder1 (where Folder1 is the name your folder)
cd Folder 2 (idem)

But I recommend you to have your folder like in the video/first example, i.e. right on your partition, not in a sub-folder.

As seen at: CreativeWorld9

For Romanian or other languages, use the video CC/subtitles.


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